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Farmhouse for sale - Lucca, Barga

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Interesting property situated in the city of Barga in the province of Lucca in a context currently consists of main house (approx. 400 m²) in rustic style ricalcanmte ancient local type, an outbuilding (about 130 sqm) also in local and other rustic style buildings (approximately 120) with land that would make even a receptive tourism, activities concentrated mainly in summerbut with swing, albeit with a slightly reduced rate, which extends to all seasons of the year.

This huge area value in terms of receptive tourism which the elevated and panoramic part of the media valle del Serchio River, overlooking the enchanting panoramic view offered by the East side of the Apuane. In frieze to the environment include both the Serchio River Valley that offers relax, both behind the mountain range in the Appennino Tosco Emiliano conferring with its colors varied throughout the various seasons of the year a sense of vitality.

The complex of buildings you can easily reach both the city of Lucca, the capital of the province, known for its historic city walls and for its beautiful palaces and the city of Pisa, famous for its leaning tower and equipped with infrastructure such as an international airport. The structure is of easy access both with rail transport (station less than two kilometers far) from roads where, through the via Lodovica Provincial, you can reach the nearest motorway junction. Also located in the town of Barga, capital city, is famous in the last century was the original site of many emigrants who, keeping intact the affection for her hometown, having made theirfortune in foreign countries, returned to their homeland and helped with generous donations to restore life to the villages of Middle Valley. Also nearby is the village of Castelvecchio Pascoli, the place where the famous poet Giovanni Pascoli spent the last years of his life and where he wrote important poetry, demonstrating that the surroundings inspires profound feelings of the spirit.

Existing buildings in the complex in question consist of prestigious farmhouse (used as a principal residence, located in the area raised and with dominant appearance than the surrounding area, high on three floors, as well as storage room on a high floor and placed in the vicinity of the villa and room for a barn, shed and barn, located further downstream along the access road to buildings above said. Also part of the complex various plots of land (approximately 60,000 sqm) largely agricultural vocation and in part a tourist vocation and placed in support of real estate. The property is accessed via driveway gate placed in the vicinity of the stable (old building construction and in need of maintenance); that road gravel-bottomed stretches along the slope and reaching a parking lot overlooking the villa. The villa on the outside looks nice, finished in local stone arches and grouted properly having times facing brick; presents the plan to form irregular geometry (as most of the buildings built in remote times). Inside is equipped with every comfort. The basement floor (overlooking the square and two sides is border with the embankment) is currently occupied by two large rooms for taverna, with large glass windows ranging on unique panoramic horizons in their context. The rooms have typical Tuscan terracotta floors and external walls mostly finished with stone facing. In addition, there are some technical spaces and the Foundation area. The raised ground floor, which is accessed directly from the outside than from the inside staircase that leads from the basement at that level, is equipped with excellent finishes such as traditional terracotta floors and underfloor heating system, there is a large lounge that opens onto balcony, entrance hall, kitchen, studio, corridor and toilet. The first floor, accessible by staircase from the ground floor accesses, consists of 3 double bedrooms of which one with private bathroom and veranda exclusive overview, double room, bathroom and hallway with characteristic rounded shape.

The property does not require any intervention. The building is finished with wooden fixtures and Interior, exterior features of the shutters. Near the villa, North East of there is a manufactured secondary but no less important than the previous one, single-storey high, with roof cover and composed of a single large storage compartment for use with excellent finitures and all the comforts and ready, with modest changes, to undergo different destinations. Further downstream, near the entrance, there is a building used as a barn, shed, old building, currently assigned target and in need of maintenance. Provided there is a large extension of land largely flat seeds and partly area with excellent exposure from the panoramic point of view (from the middle Serchio River vale to the Apuane Alps East side) climate that (placed in the Sun and in a sheltered position in relation to the air flow of the winds).


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