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Doma immobiliare srl is a real estate agency staffed by professionals who pride themselves on decades of experience in real estate brokerage, financial, legal and fiscal services.
foto1 Michel Dolgopiatoff is a third generation Florentine and co-founder of "Doma Immobiliare". He holds a degree in economics and is a licensed real estate broker. He has worked for 15 years in the mortgage services industry, most recently with Barclays Bank.
foto2 Francesca Dolgopiatoff is also a third generation Florentine and a licensed real estate broker for more than 12 years. She co-founded Doma Immobiliare and specializes in purchases, sales and transfers of properties.
foto3 Vanni Malagola Anziani is an English-speaking Florentine based attorney with many years experience in all aspects of real estate including the preparation of documents for purchases, sales and transfers of properties.
Doma immobiliare S.r.l
Piazza G.Poggi 1
50125 Firenze - Italy

Tel. +39 055 2344507 - Fax. +39 055 2347366
P.iva 06378970484

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